which maternity experience is right for you?

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Luxe Maternity Experience

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Minimalist Maternity portrait

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My job is to tell your stories and leave an indelible memory over time. I'm here to guide you through the best season of your lives!


What is your style?

A. Whether you are after organic + simple or luxury + prestige, we offer everything and between. Regardless, my desire is not to create a moment or emotion, but to capture the one that already exists in you. I want to capture the heart, not the tradition. You, not what the world wants of you. I believe we are perfectly and beautifully made. Why not embrace it?

I obsess over organic laughter, adventure, unique moments, imperfections and up-for-anything attitude. Bare foot is just a bonus!

When should I get my maternity pictures done?

A. Typically between 29-36 weeks, but everyone is different. We suggest not waiting too long, because you never know when baby will come.

When should I schedule my session?

A. It's never too early to schedule, but ideally 2-4 months out to ensure availability.

Can my partner or child(ren) be in the pictures?

A. Absolutely. We welcome and encourage your partner and/or children.

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