Off-call Birth option


Simply because I understand birth photography isn't an affordable luxury for everyone, but it is something I think everyone deserves the opportunity to have. 


The difference between off-call and a normal birth photography package?

For a normal birth photography package, I am on-call. I keep my phone on 24/7 and the volume all the way up on the ringer, I don't go out of town while I am on call, I block my schedule to make sure I am not too busy. The likelihood of me missing a birth is very slim. With off-call births, I will keep my phone on and the ringer up, but I will not, for example, leave my daughter's birthday party, ditch the weekend getaways, or clear my whole schedule. I will do everything I can still to avoid missing the birth, but if I do, the payment for the off-call package will turn into a Fresh 48 down-payment and a $200 print voucher. Your call!