owner | Lead photographer

Favorite Color: Black

Specializing in: Birth | Motherhood, Wedding, Documentary

I'm a minimalist. Terrible with words. I speak best through melodies and art. I can handle just about everything thrown my way. I tend to go against the pressures of this secular culture, because I believe as long as we are living up to the expectations of the One true God, there's nothing we shouldn't do or be.

I'm terrified of flying, but love traveling. Say 'road trip" and I'm in! I hate putting away laundry. Not due to laziness. Quite the opposite. I mean, who can't think of a million other things to do with that time? I love beauty, but in its most natural form. I'm personally not a huge fan of makeup, fashion or jewelry, but I have a great team for that sort of thing. A person of good soul and character win best-dressed in my book any day. I'm inspired by children and encouraged by love. I cry in every church service and at every birth and wedding I attend. It's God. I tend to be a point A to point B person, but my kids are teaching me every day to stop and smell the roses. I hate perfection, but absolutely thrive on progress.

I've never kept a single plant alive but I'm somehow a mother of 2 prospering children. I'm addicted to chapstick. My life is messy, but my heart is not. It's my lifelong commitment and desire to raise my children up transparent and honest in an otherwise beautiful, yet failing world.

Some of my favorite things are coffee, smoothies, Sunday naps, babies, children, corporate worship, football, NASCAR, music, sweat pants and of course photography.

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lead photographer

Favorite color: Sage Green 

Specializing in: Family, Couples, Children

Hi, I'm Kenna! I grew up in Oklahoma and ended up making my way across the Kansas border to Baxter Springs a few years ago. I'm a proud dog mom who loves to be doing anything outdoors! I'm a dental assistant by day and storyteller by night... + weekends I guess. I have been documenting couples and families for well over 5 years now and am honored to be a part of the KBP Team! I am looking forward to capturing life's special moments with all of you.

Patience May


Favorite color: Black 

Specializing in: Hair + Makeup | Professional Hype Girl

Hello, hello! My name is Patience May. Beauty is one of my favorite things. It’s creative, artistic and simply beautiful.

I love painting a smile on faces; both figuratively and literally.

I’m a mother to 3 little girls and a handsome little boy. My fiancé, Evander, blessed me with being a stay-at-home mom very early. This is everything I could ask for, but I knew I had a greater purpose that wouldn’t stop there. While Mommying is my first passion, I knew I was more than just a mom. Makeup offered me just that. It became my escape. Watching women light up at the sight of their own beauty became an addiction. My full identity was born!

A little about me? I am an emotional person but a very strong one. I feel deeply. I believe whole-heartedly that everything happens for a reason. I’m also a people pleaser. I love to see everyone else happy. 

I love my kids and I’m definitely a homebody, but adore time with friends any chance I get. I love sweatpants and crime shows. I’m a huge Marvel fan. I’m a great listener and love encouraging others. “Hype” should basically be my middle name. Every woman deserves to know her true worth and embrace her beauty! I look forward to offering the same to you!


model | ambassador

Favorite Color: Hot Pink

Specializing in: Modeling

Hi! My name is Haleigh + I am so honored to be a KBP ambassador! I live in Grand Lake, Oklahoma and I’m a cheer captain at my school. I’m signed to an agency in New York, @modelingcamp. I love being an ambassador because I love taking pictures + furthering my portfolio for modeling. Follow along my journey!


model | ambassador

Favorite Color(s): Green + Pink

Specializing in: Modeling

Hiiii!! I’m Lily. If you meet me or see me in pictures, you’ll come to know I’m quieter and calmer than my pictures portray. I think pictures, though, are a great way to express your inner most fierce and bold self; the side people don’t normally see or hear, I hope to do that on this team! 

I live with my mom, (Kortney, the owner) my awesome sister Gentry, and my funky step dad Nik. My goal is to just live life and leave here with the most amazing memories. Like most girls my age, I love being in front of the camera. My specialty, however, is cheerleading. Not just regular cheerleading though, I love coed/ one-man stunting. It’s my favorite thing in the entire world and also what I’m best at. I also enjoy playing tennis, ALL different kinds of music, being around my friends and people I love and doing literally anything with my sister and best friend Gentry. I’m more of an introvert, but when you get me out there, I’m a fun girl! I’m very excited and honored to be a part of the team and getting to be apart of these wonderful people’s wonderful visions!

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