Birth, for me, is personal.

Why/What is Birth Photography? Why would I want to photograph THAT? Birth Photography is actually a thing?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, you’re not alone. I learn with every birth that it’s so much more than that “crowning” moment when baby makes their official entrance. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s personally my favorite part. Women rock and our bodies are amazing! My kids think I’m crazy. But in all reality, how much closer can you get to staring a miracle in the face earthside? Maybe you don’t even want the “crowning” moment documented. That’s ok, too. You’re in control. But, it’s also all the special moments surrounding it as well.

If you’re like me, you didn’t even know birth photography was an option. I was too busy fighting day to day to keep my food down in the course of a legitimately puny time in my life. A mama trying to muscle enough energy to get out of bed to even put makeup on, let alone make it to work. I was growing a baby inside me and doing a stand-up job. Or so my What to Expect book was telling me. I mean, I spent 9(ish) months developing, studying and documenting her every move in utero. Why not her arrival?! The problem - In all the advice and literature I anticipated all those weeks, not ONE told me how important it would be to capture her arrival.

Nothing can prepare you for [that] day; birth day. Everyone says how pivotal that day is. I just had no idea it would be the day I used to gauge the rest of my life; life before birth and life after. The pain, the push, the drive, the hunger, the anticipation, the worry, the stillness, the commotion, the drama, the relief, her toes, her cry, double chin, the downy hair covering her shoulders. And how can I forget the first time we laid eyes on each other? It happens. So quickly it’s over. (Insert photographer) Luckily, I get to relive the memories vicariously through my clients. It’s even brought back some personal forgotten ones.

Birth photography is more than just a thing. It’s a memory and in some cases a victory. I want to be the ONE to tell you, don’t miss this!

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