Motherhood Portfolio

Motherhood Portfolio




A minimalistic approach to fine-art portraiture. We take our time hand-crafting each beautiful, wall-worthy portrait.

  • In-Studio or On-location
  • 1-2 Outfit
  • Up to 1 hour
  • Come back within 2 weeks to view/choose favorite images & design your product
  • Corresponding Digitals Included



This is a glamorous approach to a fine-art experience. We take our time hand-crafting each beautiful, wall-worthy portrait.

  • In-Studio
  • Professional Hair + Makeup
  • Multiple Wardrobe Changes
  • Access to Client Wardrobe
  • Complimentary Prenatal Massage 
  • View/Choose favorite images same day
  • Corresponding Digitals Included

labor + delivery



"Soft-Call" suggests I may still be reachable and prepared to respond to requests or inquiries, but have more flexibility in terms of when I can respond.  More specifically:

I do not have backup photographers in place
I will keep my phone on and the ringer up, but I may not be available to respond immediately
I won't ditch the weekend getaways or clear my whole schedule
I will do what I can to avoid missing the birth, but if I do, the payment for the off-call package will turn into a Fresh 48 or Newborn package. Your call!



"On-call" refers to a situation where I am available and ready to respond to a specific need or emergency at any given time. More specifically:

I have backup photographers in place and on standby
I keep my phone on 24/7 and the volume all the way up
I don't go out of town while I am on call
I block my schedule to make sure I have nothing else planned
My bags remain packed at all times
I likely make multiple house calls before it's said and done
The likelihood of me missing a birth is very slim.

fresh 48

A "Fresh 48" session takes place within the first 48 hours after a baby is born. Unlike traditional newborn photography sessions, which are typically scheduled within the first two weeks of a baby's life.

During a Fresh 48 session, the photographer documents the baby's first interactions with family members, the first feedings, tiny details like fingers and toes, and the overall atmosphere of the hospital room. These sessions focus on the natural beauty of the newborn and the emotions experienced by the parents and family during this special time.


The main differences between studio newborn photography and in-home newborn photography are:

Location: Studio sessions take place in a professional studio with controlled lighting and props, while in-home sessions occur in the comfort of the family's home.

Setting: Studio sessions offer a variety of posed setups, while in-home sessions capture natural moments in the baby's own environment.

Comfort: In-home sessions provide convenience and a relaxed atmosphere for parents and newborns, while studio sessions may require travel and adjustment to a new environment.

Style: Studio sessions focus on posed portraits, while in-home sessions have a more candid and documentary-style approach.





milestones bundle

Each session aims to capture the baby's growth, milestones, and developmental changes during their busiest year of nuances. 3 months highlight the baby's emerging personality and interaction with their environment. Similarly, sessions at 6 months often capture the baby's ability to sit up and interact with objects, while sessions at 9 months celebrate exploration or even baby standing.



3, 6, & 9 months

1 year

sweet collection

with Cake Smash

A cake smash session is a fun and lighthearted experience designed to capture adorable and memorable moments as the baby explores and interacts with the cake. It's a celebration of the baby's first birthday and a chance to create lasting memories for the family to cherish.

complete collection

With Cake Smash + Splash Bath

Includes everything in the Sweet Collection as well as candid and playful moments as the baby splashes, laughs, and interacts with the water. These sessions aim to capture the joy and innocence of the baby in a relaxed and natural setting.

traditional portraits

1 Year

Traditional 1-year portraits refer to professional photographs taken to commemorate a baby's first birthday. These portraits capture the child's milestone of turning one year old and often focus on their expressions, milestones, and personality at this significant age.