with camera in hand, I can inevitably find beauty in the simplest moments

I’m kortney, a documentary, portrait, and wedding photographer

Photography is an extension of my joie de vivre. I first picked up the camera to catch the small, daily, details in our lives, that we usually ignore; recognizing each and every moment deserves to be documented. Turning these moments into portraits encapsulate memories for life. It's the best gift I can give to the world. I do that for my life, my friends' lives, and I hope that I can do it for you as well.

How do I book a photo session with you?
Head on over to the connect tab and fill out our contact form. I will be in touch within 24 business hours.
How long does it take to receive the final photos?
Depends on the session type. Most of our luxury portrait collections include a same day reveal. Weddings, we are contracted 90 days but typically deliver within 30 or less.
Can I order prints or albums through you?
Absolutely! As a full-service studio we actually specialize in product design as well as offer an extensive online store. You will receive a complimentary custom product with most all of our collections.


owner | Lead photographer

Favorite Color: Black

Specializing in: Birth | Motherhood, Wedding, Documentary

I'm a minimalist. Terrible with words. I speak best through melodies and creativity. I can handle just about everything thrown my way. I tend to go against the pressures of this secular culture, because I believe as long as we are living up to the expectations of the One true God, there's nothing we shouldn't do or be. I love beauty, but in its most natural form. Trends, fashion or jewelry aren't what do it for me (I have a great team for that). A person of good soul and character win best-dressed in my book any day. I'm inspired by children and encouraged by love. I cry in every church service and at every birth and wedding I attend. I tend to be a point A to point B person, but my kids are teaching me every day to stop and smell the roses. I hate perfection, but absolutely thrive on progress.

It's my lifelong commitment and desire to raise my children up transparent and honest in an otherwise beautiful, yet failing world. My life may be messy but my heart is not. I'm your biggest fan and most devoted follower.

Some of my favorite things: coffee, smoothies, Sunday naps, babies, corporate worship, football, NASCAR, music, sweat pants and of course photography.

Now it's my turn to get to know you! It would be my joy to journey this season with you! Click the 'Contact Us' button below and let's have that next cup of joe together.



My husband and I met days before the pandemic. Starting a relationship during a pandemic adds a quirky twist to the classic rom-com storyline, but for 2 accomplished introverts, it was a dream! Who knew trading fancy dinners for homemade cocktails and "Tiger King" marathons would turn into a blissful marriage.


For someone who's enchanted by nature, my knack for keeping plants alive is about as effective as teaching a fish to climb trees. Yet, miraculously, I've managed to nurture two thriving children—a testament to nature's sense of humor and my parenting prowess!


I'm so addicted to chapstick that I'm pretty sure my lips have a better skincare routine than I do—forever dependent on that tiny tube!


History and culture captivate me! Diversity and inclusivity are my driving force.


Having good, quality pictures of my wedding was at the top of my priorities from day one.
Kortney Brook Photography went above and beyond capturing my dream wedding in photos that I can’t stop staring at!
I was so glad I got a second shooter-it made things go even smoother in the chaos of the day than I expected. Kortney was so patient and relaxed and made it all super stress free, from the first day we talked, to planning the shots, to the very day of.
I recommend! No complaints.