“There is beauty in simplicity.”


My Style

Organic. Simple. My desire is not to create a moment or emotion, but to capture the one that already exists. I want to capture the heart, not the tradition. You, not what the world wants of you. I believe we are perfectly and beautifully made. Why not embrace it?

Get Inspired

Need a little more before you get in touch? Enjoy browsing the Boudoir gallery below, and don’t just take my word for how authentic Kortney Brook Photography is. Be sure to check out the “Testimonial” section at the bottom of the page! If my work and reputation inspire you then let’s plan a time to talk more. Consults are a no-strings-attached way to explain my services in detail, get to know you, and ask questions. So shoot me a message and let’s chat a little more!


“When I reached out to Kortney about a boudoir session, I did not what it would do for me mentally. I thought, "Hey if I like the pictures, I may feel attractive again." However, my experience was so much more than that. Kortney + Patience really helped me find my inner beauty and encouraged me not to be ashamed of my body. They gave me a sense of power I didn't realize was missing. These women make you feel strong, fearless, resilient AND sexy... I could've walked out of there in my birthday suit!”


“My experience with KBP was better than I could've ever imagined and wished for. I was super nervous going into this shoot as it was wayyy out of my comfort zone. As soon as I arrived I was welcomed and immediately felt I guess you could say, safe. I immediately knew I had chosen the right team for this. My main reason was to gift my fiancé, but leaving I was happy I booked for myself. I left gelling so much more confident in myself and loving my body image more than I ever thought I could.”


“I've struggled with my body image my whole life; it got even worse after having my son. I hated my body and the way I looked. I decided to book a session with Kortney, not only for myself, but for my fiancé also! Let me tell you, after this shoot I saw myself in a whole different perspective. I've started to love my body + the way I look. My stretch marks, my scars, my chest. I look at these pictures all the time and remind myself I am gorgeous! I loved my experience so much, I've already booked another!”