Newborn Preparation

While we all commit to doing our best to prepare, the Client understands the Photographer cannot guarantee results due to baby’s disposition, condition, or circumstances listed within the contract. To best prepare, we ask that you help us with the following:

  • Please feed your baby 2-3 hours prior to the session start time and then plan on feeding him or her once you arrive. A feed may be required during the session as well, but we take our cues from baby!
  • Attempt to not let baby sleep the hour or 2 before the shoot to allow for a nice squishy, sleepy session.
  • Don’t forget, as stated above, come prepared for a warm few hours!
  • Session will be between 2-3 hours, possibly longer pending level of sleepiness or if baby is hungry, not to exceed 4 hours.
  • If you can, bring a soothie pacifier that can be used if needed to lull baby to sleep. This type of pacifier is bendable and won’t leave marks on babies face when removed. If you really prefer that a pacifier is not used, that is fine as well.
  • During the session, the photographer will work through a variety of poses on a bean bag prop with different colored cloth backgrounds. Some poses will be naked and some poses wrapped. Photographer will have coordinating wraps, bonnets, and headbands to utilize. There may also be bucket, bowl, bed or other prop shots. All poses are baby led, meaning that if any pose appears to be uncomfortable for baby, that pose will be skipped. Safety and comfort is of utmost importance! 
  • While we cannot guarantee, the photographer may choose to have an assistant that will provide close hands around baby while photographer is taking photos.
  • While we do require a parent to be present during the entire session, you should feel free to sit back, put your feet up and relax during this time. You will have direct viewing of the entire session. Our studio does not have reliable Wi-Fi access, just FYI. Bring any food or snacks that you would like.